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Re: F10 not connected at start up -

Craig White wrote:
On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 15:12 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:
Craig White wrote:
On Wed, 2009-03-11 at 14:34 -0400, Bob Goodwin wrote:
I have an F-10 box that does not connect at boot. I believe network manager is completely disabled. It starts in text mode, I enter startx.

Fortunately I usually only boot it once a day at the most but it is a bother. I start it as 'bobg' and it wants a password [more than a dozen characters], Then since it's not connected 'firestarter' isn't running and it too wants a password, but since it's not connected 'firestarter' wont start until I bring up system-config-network to activate the connection, but first it wants a password, once that is down I can go to the firestarter menu and start it.

This is beginning to bother me and I know it must be something I have misconfigured but haven't found it yet. It just asked for some security updates and I told it ok, enter the password again. That's four times in a few minutes and I haven't asked the computer to do any work yet!

Any suggestions?
the default is to have NetworkManager service on and 'network' service
off and also to boot runlevel 5 so clearly you have been changing things
since the original installation.

You might want to ensure that 'network' service is set to automatically
start at your runlevel (you don't say which boot level you are

chkconfig --list network

and I would presume if you are booting runlevel 3, which is supposed to
have networking turned on by default, the above should show 'on' for
runlevel 3.

if not, execute either

chkconfig --levels 2345 network on # very explicit
chkconfig network on # less explicit, uses /etc/init.d/network
                     # chkconfig statement to determine

You might want to do similar for 'Firestarter' service to ensure it too
is automatically started at boot up.


Both network and firestarter are on for 2345, off for the others.
I would expect that if this is the case and there were a problem with
them starting during bootup, that /var/log/messages would indicate the


/var/log/messages shows a number of references to NetworkManager. I'm not sure what they mean or why they are there but it should be turned off?
I find that if I boot it as root instead of bobg I eliminate three password entries, however it still does not come up connected until I click on "activate." in Network Device Control.  Then I can enable Firestarter.  It's faster and easier but not the solution I was looking for.


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