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Re: Sound Card Question [quasi off topic]

> My onboard sound, Intel HDA (Azalia) works fine. The manual states that it
> produces both digital HD Audio and legacy AC-97 Audio. It can be switched
> in
> the BIOS.
> I don't have a clue what the difference between analog and digital audio
> is.
> Do I need special speakers, if I want to set the sound output to digital
> HD
> Audio?

Digital audio output is done either via coaxial or optical SP/DIF
connection...you'd need to have the connector for either of those outputs
installed in the back of your system, and connected to the appropriate
pin-outs on your system board.

While there are probably digital speakers, you'd normally use these
connections to connect to a sound system, much like you'd do with a
DVD/BluRay player, or your TV's set top box.

Mike Burger

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