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Re: NM key hassle

>> I've been advised that three commands are good to run at long
>> intervals : yum clean all, updatedb, and rpm --rebuilddb; but I have
>> no sense of time, and I was very absent-minded even before I got old.

Patrick O'Callaghan:
> There's no reason to do any of these unless there's something actually
> wrong.

Seconded.  When things are working fine, yum takes care of itself.  

You *might* want to clear out downloaded packages, if drive space is
important to you.  Though I like to keep them, so I can revert to an
older package, should I have to recover from a fault, without having to
trawl the internet looking for a mirror that still has them.  If you
never want to keep them, you can set yum to not cache downloaded

updatedb is usually already run as a daily CRON task.

Rebuilding the RPM database without good cause would actually be a
potential way to cause a problem.  If the RPM database is failing during
use, then deliberately fooling with it again is increasing the risk of
another accident.  That's something I'd definitely not do unless I
needed to.

Sounds like we need a couple of housekeeping FAQs for current versions
of Fedora (keeping a running system good, and sorting out common

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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