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Re: creating own RPMs

David Hláčik wrote:
> I will be creating rpm packages for software company i work for. I
> have built a lot of rpm packages by myself, so I have experience
> with that.  But my question is : How to make this process more
> comfortable and improve efficiency.
> So far i was creating packages by using rpmdevtools and rpmbuild
> itself.  I've read about mock , which is chrooted environment for
> building SRPMs . But does this mock can be applied on spec files? Do
> i need to prepare srpm package before i can work with mock? If so,
> this will not help me much.

Yes, you need to feed mock an srpm.  But that's easy enough.

Mock is useful in ensuring that you have reproducible builds.  Using
rpmbuild you may not notice needed dependencies or might pick up
unwanted deps.  Plus, using mock you can create packages for different
versions of Fedora and RHEL/CentOS.

If you need to build a lot of packages, you could look into using
koji, which helps coordinate mock builders and can create srpms to
feed mock from various version control systems.

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