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Re: Kaffiene vs gene, score 1-0

On 3/11/2009 8:41 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
> On Wednesday 11 March 2009, David wrote:
>> On 3/11/2009 2:42 PM, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 11 March 2009, Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>> Greetings;

>>>> Everytime I do a startx, I waste about 3 minutes killing kaffiene, which
>>>> insists on starting,  complete with several error messages related to
>>>> gstreamer.  I can select quit from its file menu, but then I have to run
>>>> htop, find the one kaffeine process that is still running and locking up
>>>> my tv card from any other programs access, and kill it.  And on the next
>>>> reboot and startx, its the same darned song and dance.

>>>> How the heck can I stop running kaffeine at an x start?  For my card, it
>>>> is a thoroughly broken application.

>>>> I may also have found the src of my F10 instability.  I just rebuilt my
>>>> fav kernels using the F10 compiler tools, and so far not an Oops or BUG
>>>> in half an hour of uptime.  That knocking sound?  Yeah. :)
>>> PS: A 2nd subject:

>>> As an afterthought, I also have about 2 minutes of a dead system when I
>>> start kmail, which is apparently waiting on akonadi, which eventually
>>> fails of course because my system has a mysql installed that was already
>>> configured for mythtv usage when I upgraded, not installed, from F8 to
>>> F10.

>>> I have asked several times for how to fix this, even posted the error log,
>>> but so far no solution has been offered.  I have used mysqladministrator
>>> to add akonadi as a client, using that as passwd too, and setup akonadi
>>> with matching passwds too, but that makes no diff that I can see.

>>> If we cannot fix this using the normal setup procedures, then how can I
>>> rid kmail of this akonadi dependency, as it runs just fine ANAICT without
>>> it?

>>> 3rd subject, where is the default volume set for the startup and shutdown
>>> audio splash files, they are blowing out the windows on the neighbors
>>> houses.
>> Good luck on the multiple subjects under one subject.  ;-)

>> That usually does not work because they get lost when the thread wanders
>> off.

> Tell me about it, but I just had to get that rant off my chest, it was getting 
> heavy. :)

But you did get the hint? Separate posts with different subject lines
for different problems?

This list, actually many other lists too, have gotten 'nasty' lately.
Very nasty. But this is a good list for help.

Your SELinux problems go to that list. Those guys there are the guys
that 'do' it so they can help. They 'help' there are the guys that write
the code. Just answer the questions. You will get your SELinux

The tech KDE stuff? Not sure. Kevin Kolfer (I know that name is not
correct - sorry Kevin) seems to be the Fedora KDE guy. In the least he
knows his 'poo'.  ;-)  General KDE help? Go here to this WiKi:

You have seen Anne Wilson's name here? She is not a developer or such
but she has 'ins' like you would not believe. She is very active with
that WiKi. Go with a clear question and the same type of answers to her
will help you a lot. If she does not know she knows just who to ask.

As for the rest? There are people, here, that can help you. *If* you can
clearly describe your situation/problem and and keep it that way. The
rants tend to run off help. There are a lot of good people here.

Remember that you, and you alone, have your machine. It might be the
only one like it in the world. And that you, again you alone, can see it
and touch it. It is very difficult to try to help someone that will not
'help the helper'. And it gets more difficult to help the more that you
'pollute' your system with off distro stuff and 'tricks'.

Good luck old friend.


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