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Re: Showing how to find the net installation images?

On Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 11:18 AM, Jud Craft <craftjml gmail com> wrote:
Hey there.

I've been looking for the netinst.iso for Fedora 10.  I can't find it
anywhere on fedoraproject's download page, and there is no information
on where to find it in either the Installation Guide or the Release

I did eventually manage to find it by picking a random mirror and
mucking about through the folder structure until I found it, but why
is this relatively useful image not mentioned along with all the other
possible ones on the Get Fedora page?  It would make locating it so
much easier.

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All boot media except the distribution DVD present a menu that allows you to choose the installation source, such as the network or a hard disk. If you are booting the distribution DVD and do not want to install from the DVD, hit Tab at the boot menu. Add a space and the option linux askmethod to the end of the line that appears below the menu.

You can install Fedora from the ISO images stored on hard disk, or from a network using NFS, FTP, or HTTP methods. Experienced users frequently use one of these methods because it is often faster to read data from a hard disk or network server than from a CD or DVD.

Please refer to this OFFICIAL Web page:

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