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Re: RPM signing problem

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009, Adalbert Prokop wrote:

Hello everybody!

I'm trying to create my own private little repository with signed RPMS
(additional software, not available from other repositories or some
really old stuff not provided any more).

Yesterday I've noticed strange behaviour of rpm. I've downloaded a
msttcorefonts and tried to add my own signature to it. The package is
RPM version 3, at least "file" tells me so. I am able to sing other
packages, no problems there. I use rpm-4.6.0-1.fc10.i386 on Fedora 10.

I do "rpm --addsign msttcorefonts-..." and I get no error message at
all. But a "rpm -K msttcorefonts-*" tells me there is not GPG signature

Do you have an idea what goes wrong and how to track down this problem?

Only rpm 3.x can sign V3 packages. "rpm --addsign msttcorefonts-..." probably exits with non-zero code, there's just no error message generated for this case.

	- Panu -

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