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Re: Is kpager available for KDE 4.2 under F10?

Rex Dieter wrote:
> Dean Messing wrote:
> > If so, where?  I've looked but can't find it.
> There's a "pager" plasma applet, is that what you're looking for?

I don't know.  The machine on which I'm writing this (not the F10
machine I was asking about), I run F7 / KDE-3.5.9-5.fc7.

Have a look at this:

==> rpm -qf $(which kpager)

Kpager a nice app that places a small image of all N desktops in a
small (resizable) window, with different "display modes".  You can
specify that desktop windows show up as scaled images of themselves,
or as representative icons, or merely as plain rectangles.  The
organisation of the desktops can be horizontal, vertical, or in an
array.  You can move stuff around on or between desktops from the
kpager window.

Obviously my ignorance of KDE 4.2 is showing, but I could find no such
application w/in the repositories when doing a yum search.

Thanks, Rex, for your kind help.


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