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Want to start a LUG with all fedora support.

I am Rohit Gupta, a recent fedora ambassador.

I had recently organised an Installfest on 21st Feb. in my college (KGEC) with more than 150 participants. It was a FAD with 'Fedora 10' as the Linux Distribution. More than 175 Free media Distributed (Students+Faculty+20FEL). Details: http://kgeclug.blog.co.in/
(note: I was not a Fedora Ambassador then)

I want to start an GNU LUG in KGEC with Fedora as the main distribution and all Support. I had got all positive responses from college to start a forum (LUG) in our college. I have created the mailing list of our KGECLUG:
There's also a survey going on.

Now, I am planning to organise weekly classes in Fedora (or LUG meet) in my college. The main agenda I am thing is:
1. Introduction to Linux (To be precise - fedora)
2. Solutions to problems (The users problems)
3. Some new discussion or how to session.

I need your support and guidance regarding this.

Rohit Gupta
B-Tech in Information Technology (2nd yr.)
Kalyani Government Engineering College
e-mail: rohit kgec gmail com
rohit01 fedoraproject org
home page: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Rohit01

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