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Re: URLs [OT]

2009/3/13 Matthew Flaschen <matthew flaschen gatech edu>:
> Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
>> // is functionally equivalent to / - so what that represents is badly
>> configured web serving software as I would expect the output of each
>> URL to be the same.
> That's not quite right.  See my other message and RFC 3986.

Mmm.... accepted, but I've never seen a webserver that treats the two
differently without a bit of work.

But you're right - If I pass everything under http://somehost/ to a
script via mod_rewrite, which prints out /word1/word2/word3 I get:



That's with some simple PHP - so you must be correct about the
possibility of a difference in pages returned, but I'm going to claim
that when I said "functionally equivalent", I meant "according to the
functional behaviour of all web servers I have observed, these are
equivalent" ;o)


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