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Re: Church sound

David Miller writes:

My church has decided that they would like to do digital recording using a computer in place using tape. I have setup a FC10 machine that I plan on using for this. I see several packages that will record but I don't want to have a 700M file. Is there a package that will break the recording into, lets say, 10min files and then be able to burn those to CD as audio tracks with zero time between tracks. At some point later I would like to get a camera and start doing video recording of the service and place of DVD.

mplayer's mencoder should be able to do it. Use it as a no-op filter, but specify the -ss and -endpos options to extract a chunk from the source video.

mencoder should work for both audio and video files. There's probably an mplayer option that dumps the chronological size of the audio/video file. Have a script use that to figure out how to chop up the file, then invoke mencoder repeatedly to carve out each chunk.

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