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Re: Showing how to find the net installation images?

Forgive me.  You do not understand what I am saying.

I know well that the 128MB boot.iso exists -- and in Fedora 10 it is
called netinst.iso.

My complaint is that I wish Fedora made it easy to _find it_.  None of
the posts so far, nor Fedora's website, have actually told me where to
find the darn image.  I have had to dig through the repositories on my
own to find it, something that many people would prefer not to do.

Meng's message told me how to do a net-install with the default DVD/CD
images (not what I wanted), and pointed me to a page of the
Installation Guide that tells me "Oh, guess what?  You can use the
minimal boot image install!"  That's great, installation guide, duh.
I want to know where to GET it.

Neither chapter 4 nor 6 in the Installation Manual say where to get
the minimal/network/boot.iso.  I just think either the Guide or the
Get Fedora page itself should explicitly mention where to find the
network/minimal install image, that's all.

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