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Re: Showing how to find the net installation images?

Jud Craft wrote:
Forgive me.  You do not understand what I am saying.

I know well that the 128MB boot.iso exists -- and in Fedora 10 it is
called netinst.iso.

My complaint is that I wish Fedora made it easy to _find it_.  None of
the posts so far, nor Fedora's website, have actually told me where to
find the darn image.  I have had to dig through the repositories on my
own to find it, something that many people would prefer not to do.

Meng's message told me how to do a net-install with the default DVD/CD
images (not what I wanted), and pointed me to a page of the
Installation Guide that tells me "Oh, guess what?  You can use the
minimal boot image install!"  That's great, installation guide, duh.
I want to know where to GET it.

Neither chapter 4 nor 6 in the Installation Manual say where to get
the minimal/network/boot.iso.  I just think either the Guide or the
Get Fedora page itself should explicitly mention where to find the
network/minimal install image, that's all.

I stand somewhat corrected...in the /pub/fedora/linux/releases/10/Fedora/i386/iso directories of the mirrors, id does appear that there is a "Fedora-10-i386-netinst.iso". It also appears that there is a similarly named ISO image for the x86_64 series. My apologies for my mistake, there.

That being said, it wasn't all that difficult to find...the directory structure, wherein locating ISO images vs. RPMs, etc, hasn't changed in many, many releases...the netinst.iso is in the same directories as all of the other ISO images.

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