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Re: Showing how to find the net installation images?

Todd's idea was my general thought -- at least put it on the page with
the big list of stuff.

Mike wrote...
"That being said, it wasn't all that difficult to find..."

Your ease in finding it depends a lot on your familiarity with the structure.

Consider that you had to realize which numbered version of Fedora you
were looking for, the fact that it was a "release" rather than a
"core", the type of architecture.  Choosing between the jidgo,
torrent, iso folders.

You can of course claim that anyone attempting a local/network install
of Fedora with the minimal image should know all this stuff.  Possibly
true.  But even someone familiar with linux may _not_ be familiar with
how to access the Fedora mirrors, or assuming they find the mirror
monitoring page, which mirror to choose -- they may in fact waste much
time trying to find the "official" Fedora repo, when in fact there
isn't such a one.

So I plead convenience.  "Not all that difficult to find" is
subjective.  Compare that to the ease with which I can grab the DVD
from the Get Fedora page.  Two clicks max once you enter

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