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Re: infor on creating an empy folder view

On Thu, 12 Mar 2009 17:21:35 +0100 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Just create a new folder somewhere and set your folder view to that.
Ok: created under my home a tree named folder_views/surfing

I'm using 4.2.1 packages from the update-testing repo. problems:
1) in desktop "add widgets.." -> folder view
it defaults to home and only after creation you have to go through its
BAD in my opinion. I would expect a wizard asking me how do I want to
configure it

2) After default creation of home folderview I go in settings and select
"Specify a folder:" putting /home/gcecchi/folder_views/Surfing
(through navigation..., not directly)-> OK
then IT REMAINS on home view: BAD!
Even with "refresh view" it remains as home. The new name I set up is
changed, but not the contents.
I have to come back in settings, rechange it as "places" -> home, then
remaining inside the setting window change again un
 "specify a folder" (the previous one has been cleared, so I have to
renavigate...) and then OK and it works.

I would expect at least these very basic features to be solid in a
x.2.1 release of a product......

my attempts to evaluate this new 4.x DE seem to fail at the very
beginning.... ;-(

I tried about 20 combinations of folder view creatgion and in my case
it seems that the problem arises if you set the label of the folder
view (display section of the widget) at the same step when you set the
foder path.
So if you only set the path (both with direct typing and through
navigation icon) and then press OK, you get the correct view.
Instead if you also change the label row inside the display tab in the
first step, you quite always get the problem (1 out ot 10 I was able
to get correct setting).
Where to bugzilla? Is it only me getting this?


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