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Re: Unable to assign command to keyboard shortcut

Tim wrote:
On Fri, 2009-03-13 at 07:52 +0000, Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
> Oh? I've found it easier just to not browse those kind of websites at
> work...

;-)  I notice the lack of denial...

Another option could be to use a hotkey to switch to a different
workspace.  One screen for the human wildlife, another screen for your

Actually that doesn't work for me. It (CTRL-ALT-RARROW) only flips the workspace on your current X screen, but my 4 displays are split into two screens so if I was watching wide-screen wildlife videos on one set and browsing the web on the other, when I hit the hotkey it would probably hide only my web browsing, which might have somewhat embarrassing consequences.

I went with screen locking, because typing a password to get back in is no bad thing. If you just blank the display, sometimes mouse movement wakes it up - which is something most people would want to avoid in this hypothetical situation. Also, I've never really had a use for my scroll-lock key and it's easy to remember that the padlock symbol on it means it will lock my workstation...


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