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Re: infor on creating an empy folder view

On Friday 13 March 2009 11:11:22 Gianluca Cecchi wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Mar 2009 17:21:35 +0100 Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > Just create a new folder somewhere and set your folder view to that.
> Ok: created under my home a tree named folder_views/surfing
> I'm using 4.2.1 packages from the update-testing repo. problems:
> 1) in desktop "add widgets.." -> folder view
> it defaults to home and only after creation you have to go through its
> configuration....
> BAD in my opinion. I would expect a wizard asking me how do I want to
> configure it
Your opinion only.  Many people only want one setting, and /home would be the 
choice of many.  Actually, it's quicker to change the setting than it would be 
to go through a wizard.

> 2) After default creation of home folderview I go in settings and select
> "Specify a folder:" putting /home/gcecchi/folder_views/Surfing
> (through navigation..., not directly)-> OK
> then IT REMAINS on home view: BAD!

Odd - I have set up folderviews on three boxes, all quite diferent in hardware 
and software, and every one points to the directories I have set - including 
the networked folders.

> Even with "refresh view" it remains as home. The new name I set up is
> changed, but not the contents.
> I have to come back in settings, rechange it as "places" -> home, then
> remaining inside the setting window change again un
>  "specify a folder" (the previous one has been cleared, so I have to
> renavigate...) and then OK and it works.
> I would expect at least these very basic features to be solid in a
> x.2.1 release of a product......
> my attempts to evaluate this new 4.x DE seem to fail at the very
> beginning.... ;-(
Relax :-)  It does feel strange at first, but take your time and you'll solve 
your problems.

> I tried about 20 combinations of folder view creatgion and in my case
> it seems that the problem arises if you set the label of the folder
> view (display section of the widget) at the same step when you set the
> foder path.
> So if you only set the path (both with direct typing and through
> navigation icon) and then press OK, you get the correct view.
> Instead if you also change the label row inside the display tab in the
> first step, you quite always get the problem (1 out ot 10 I was able
> to get correct setting).
> Where to bugzilla? Is it only me getting this?
Could be :-)  I also am running 4.2.1-4.fc10.  Just in case something has 
recently changed I installed a new folderview.  The set as the default /home.  
I clicked on the spanner/wrench and changed Show a Place to 'Downloads'.  I 
got 2 seconds of busy signal, then my Downloads directory was visible.  

I then tried another, setting Specify a Folder to Downloads.  Again it 
displayed correctly.  Then, I went to the Display tab and changed the label to 
/home/Download.  Again, all was well.

Finally I tried another, using Specify a Folder, and changing the Display 
label before exiting - i.e. doing it all as one step.  That too displays 

What exactly did you do that was different from these tests?

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