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Re: So what kind of dependency stupidity is this?

Kevin Martin wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Jim wrote:

Kevin I run across this all the time, it is frustrating, but I just
use the command;

rpm -e --nodeps google-gadgets-qt google-gadgets google-desktop-linux

What the --nodeps is , it removes only those packages and no

Hopefully, someday, they will fix that problem in Yum

It is *not* a problem in yum. Yum is merely doing it's job. The
dependencies are in the software itself in most cases and package
maintainers control it to some extend. Kevin Kofler has already
explained what has happened in this thread. Read it.


Easy there Rahul.  I suspect that Jim read my question from a Digest
that had maybe come out before Kevin's response (or just replied prior
to getting that far in the Digest).  No need to jump down his throat;
honey vs. vinegar and all that.


No problem, I do feel his pain, I have experienced it many times.
What I had suggested was a short term fix.
I also have one of those irritating little problems that has been in KDE for many past releases.

When your in Konqueror as SU and try to edit with Kedit or Kwrite you get a "cant launch Kedit or Kwrite"
You then have to restart KDE to get Kedit or Kwrite to launch.


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