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Re: Attached DOS text files being converted to Unix text format

Well, it seems that this is normal behaviour. I opened attached text files on several computers (windows and linux) and in all cases the files were converted to the native text file format when they were saved: unix text format on linux, and dos text format on windows.

Is this common knowledge? I've been working with computers all my life and just now I realise this. Can anyone send himself dos and unix text files and confirm this for me? I don't know, maybe I'm just going crazy here..

Damián Rodrí­guez Sánchez escreveu:
Michael Schwendt escreveu:
On Fri, 13 Mar 2009 14:06:50 -0300, Damián wrote:

I've already sent this to a Mozilla Thunderbird list but received no answer yet.

All e-mails I receive containing DOS text files are being converted to Unix text files when I save them. Unix text files are not changed. Other file formats are also not affected (zip, exe, doc, etc). I'm not sure if this is a Thunderbird problem. I'm running Thunderbird on FC9. Any help will be appreciated.

Tell a bit more about what encoding is used for the attachments.

I had a look at my Sent file and what I can tell you is that text attachments show this:

Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit

while other formats (doc, zip,...) show this:

Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64

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