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Re: How to build a linux based cheap (handheld ) computer

On Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 12:32:42PM +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> Deboo ^ wrote:
> > Can someone provide some links to build cheap / inexpensive computer
> > (even with limited memory and no storage) which can run linux off a
> > usb stick and can be used for basic operations.
> Isn't that basically what all these netbooks are?

Not as cheap as you might like but the OLPC can do this.  An 8GB SD
memory card can be installed (or bigger).   It is also possible to boot
and run fedora from the SD memory card....  8GB works OK and runs fedora
(not as well as most would like).  It has USB ports if you want to backup 
stuff or to add more storage than the SD memory card presents.

It is very limited in memory but clearly defines many of the issues involved
in 'tiny' systems.  With python and a shell activity window interesting
and even _serious_ programming can be done. 

Wireless is wonderful, keyboard is child friendly (OK, too small)...
The display is astounding... it is the only display I can 
read in FULL sunlight out on the patio of a coffee shop
with free with a cupa WiFi.  

	T o m  M i t c h e l l 
	Found me a new hat, now what?

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