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Re: timeline for python 3?

Tom Horsley wrote:
> I also don't see why it shouldn't be provided as a separate
> package. If it really is all that incompatible it is a completely
> different language anyway, and there is merely a coincidence
> that part of the name is composed of the letters "python" :-).
> Certainly the Qt3 gui toolkit is pretty much a completely different
> toolkit than Qt4, and fedora manages to ship both of those.

There is a pretty big difference between a language with dozens and
dozens of different modules that are often separate sub packages and a
fairly self contained toolkit. Providing parallel versions is not a easy
task and it is not the benefit outweighs the cost as seen in the
discussions at


At the moment, it is more of a wait and see if applications adopt it.
Python 3 appears to be a initial developer release with more
incompatible changes coming out.



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