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Re: unlock utility for linux

--- On Fri, 3/13/09, Matthew Flaschen <matthew flaschen gatech edu> wrote:

> From: Matthew Flaschen <matthew flaschen gatech edu>
> Subject: Re: unlock utility for linux
> To: olivares14031 yahoo com, "Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora." <fedora-list redhat com>
> Date: Friday, March 13, 2009, 1:47 PM
> Antonio Olivares wrote:
> > Dear fellow Fedora users,
> > 
> > Does there exist a utility within linux, be it fedora
> or other that
> > can unlock a locked hard drive.  A friend of mine gave
> me a disk and
> > he told me that it was mine to keep, the problem was
> that the hard
> > drive was locked 
> What does this actually mean?
> and if I could unlock it I can keep it.  I tried the
> > Gparted Live CD, Slax Live CD and the device exists,
> but it gives
> > errors like
> > 
> > /dev/sda input output error
> What makes you think this is some kind of security, as
> opposed to simply
> a bad driver or busted hardware?
> > or something like that.  I read something about dd
> doing powerful
> > things like cleaning up disks or wiping them clean,
> You should be able to do what you need in gparted, assuming
> there is no
> issue with the drive itself.
> Matt Flaschen

I wish it was that simple.  The hard drive is locked, has a password.  Someone locked it.  Linux sees the device but it returns IO errors.  Windows sees it but asks for the password.  I want to get rid of that so that I can make use of the hard drive.  Gparted did not do it, system rescue cd did not do it, someone has suggested Ultimate boot cd so I am likely going to give it a try, but after the holidays.

Thanks for responding.  Also to Alan I will see what hdparm returns, I have checked man hdparm, but that does not help me much :(  




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