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Re: unlock utility for linux

Antonio Olivares wrote:
> I wish it was that simple. The hard drive is locked, has a
password. Someone locked it. Linux sees the device but it returns IO
errors. Windows sees it but asks for the password. I want to get rid
of that so that I can make use of the hard drive. Gparted did not do
it, system rescue cd did not do it, someone has suggested Ultimate
boot cd so I am likely going to give it a try, but after the holidays.
> Thanks for responding. Also to Alan I will see what hdparm
returns, I have checked man hdparm, but that does not help me much :(
> Thanks,
> Antonio 
I don't think hdparm is going to help if you do not know the
password. I did a Google search, and came up with a link that may
help - but it is a windows program.


It is supposed to destructively unlock the drive - is other words,
you lose all the data on the drive. But that should not be a problem
in this case.

The problem you have run into is that the password lock is done by
the drives firmware, and blocks access to the drive until it gets
the proper password. So moving or trying to re-format the drive does
not help.


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