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Re: FC10, Virtualization , Windows XP

On 03/04/2009 07:09 PM, Jim wrote:
what is the best Virtualization program for FC10, to run Windows XP in.
I understand because my AMD Athlon doesn't have a "svm" feature I can't run KVM, and VM Ware is slow ?

My experience with my HP 6125 AMD 64 laptop was that Virtualbox runs much better than my previous VMWare installaiton. Currently, Virtualbox 2.1.4 is the most current release. Initially, I installed it to run Realplayer 10. While there is a native Realplayer on Linux, the videos my wife wanted needed MSIE to authenticate, and WINE (and Crossover Office) do not support RealPlayer 10. With VMWare, the images would freeze, but with Virtualbox, it works well. However, we use VMWare Workstation at work with RHEL 5.2 as the guest OS, and performance is reasonable. I use KVM/QEMU at home with no complaints.

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