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Re: Disabling mouse taps on Fedora 10 (solved)

| From: Bill Davidsen <davidsen tmr com>

| David wrote:

| > from the CLI (since no X)
| > 
| > X -configure

Interesting that "X -help" doesn't say anything about this option.

Interesting that there is no X(1) manpage.
There is no x(1) manpage.

There is an Xserver(1) manpage.  It calls itself XSERVER(1) but that
isn't its name, nor is xserver(1).  Its synopsys says that it is
invoked as "X" (with options).  But it does not say anything about

There is an Xorg(1) manpage that is distinct from Xserver(1).  Its
synopsis says that it is invoked as "Xorg".  It does document a
-configure option.

xorg.conf(5) does not mention that "Xorg -configure" might be

It turns out that /usr/bin/X is a symlink to /usr/bin/Xorg.  There
does not seem to be an executable file called Xserver

Rather a mess.

| The problem is that there are ten screens of command line options to be
| understood,

Yeah.  "Xorg -help" prints 115 lines to stderr.  If you want to see
them, you need to use a pager.  And do redirection.  Like:
	Xorg 2>&1 | less
Very friendly.  And it doesn't list -configure

| and it gets some of its information by probing, rather than user
| input. Much of the information, such as that needed to use --layout, is in the
| xorg.conf man page, which makes for a painful process figuring out what
| options are needed just to generate xorg.conf with the right stanzas to edit.

How do you figure them out?

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