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Re: Adding a new graphics card and Fedora 10?

Tim-163 wrote:
> If you have no /etc/xorg.conf file, then the system automatically
> handles whatever graphics card that it finds, as best it can.
> If you have one, then it you may want to move it aside (rename it), as
> it'll have specific drivers referenced in it.

Thanks Tim - yes at the moment both machines have a rudimentary xorg.conf
that I had to add to specify the vesa driver since i810 fails to give a
working X at all on both machines. Without it the machines failed to work in

I guess the process will be to check/prepare the BIOS settings, and then run
up XP and load the drivers - then reboot to Fedora 10 runlevel 3 and move
the xorg.conf out of the way and then reboot to Fedora again and hope that
it picks up sensible settings for the new graphics card ( or move xorg.conf
before the changeover shutdown) - the thing I did not know is whether after
shutting down Fedora and changing the graphics card whether I would then be
able to boot to Fedora even at runlevel 3 successfully to make the changes -
or whether I would need to perhaps ssh in and make a new initrd?? This would
be more work and of course more nailbiting pending seeing something
re-appear on the screen after the changes!

Maybe this is a good time to buy brown trousers before starting the changes!
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