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Re: Hydrogen crashing desktop when opening. F10

On 3/15/09, Nigel Henry <cave dnb2m97pp aliceadsl fr> wrote:

> How are you running it then? On xfce?

No, nothing but a WM (fvwm 1; it's been working pretty well here for
almost 15 years :-))

> I may try removing it, and re-installing using apt-get directly. Perhaps
> synaptic still has a problem, but there wern't any error messages, apart
> from
> "extra output was created during install", but I often get that with
> synaptic, and can be ignored.

I don't know if it matters, probably not, but I only use yum.

> I have had Hydrogen crash when the wrong audio output was selected. for
> example, if Hydrogen was set to use jack, and jackd wasn't started, then
> Hydrogen would crash, but I've never had it also crashing the desktop
> before.
> Tried various options for audio output. Jackd running, jackd stopped, and I
> think Hydrogen is still an OSS audio app (may be wrong there), but alsa-oss
> is also installed, so there should be no problem there.

I only use it with jackd, and it's very stable. I often kill jackd
from under it (I have to, if I want to listen to music, because I
couldn't make PulseAudio work) and when I restart it, all I have to do
is goto Preferences->Audio System->Restart driver in Hydrogen. Much
better then audacity, which has to be restarted with jackd.

> Hydrogen version installed on my F10 is.
> hydrogen-0.9.3-13.fc9.i386

Same here.

DId you try to start Hydrogen from the command line? Just to see if it
produces any error messages?

> Thanks for your reply.

You're welcome.


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