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Unable to boot Live Fedora on a USB flash drive

I am trying to create a LiveUSB drive using a 2GB USB flash drive, but
I'm being unsuccessful for some reason.

Ideally I was hoping to create one based on Omega-10, but I get the same
problems with Fedora.

Here's what I have tried:

1. Creating a LiveCD from omega-10-desktop.iso and boot it (which works
Plug in USB stick, fdisk it as one partition, type 6 (fat 16) then
format it by running 'mkfs.msdos -F 16 -n usbdisk /dev/sdg1'
As root running 'livecd-iso-to-disk /dev/live /dev/sdg1'
Seems to complete without error

2. Boot Fedora 9 install on my desktop and prepare the USB stick as above
Run liveusb-creator GUI and select /dev/sdg1 as target, and
omega-10-desktop.iso as source (Also tried F10-Live-i686.iso as source)
Completes without error

However when I try and boot of the stick either by physically booting
using the BIOS or testing with QEMU I get the following errors:

Running 'qemu -hda /dev/sdg -m 256 -std-vga' or booting using a physical
PC I get a garbled prompt


Running 'qemu -hda /dev/sdg1 -m 256 -std-vga' I get an error stating
that it can find the root filesystem


Does anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

Many Thanks.

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