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Re: Church sound

Tim wrote:
On Thu, 2009-03-12 at 21:27 -0500, David Miller wrote:
I see several packages that will record but I don't want to have a
700M file.  Is there a package that will break the recording into,
lets say, 10min files and then be able to burn those to CD as audio
tracks with zero time between tracks.

I've used software that can automatically break a large audio file up
into several smaller ones.  Though I suspect that's not going to work
well with speech, as it may think momentary pauses in speech are good
break points, whereas a human might break at more sensible moments
(change in topics, activities, etc.).

I've used Audacity for live recordings of sound, hitting stop and then
record between things.  That's one way of doing what you want.

But if you want to pay attention to what you're recording, and not get
distracted by recording it, then recording it as one slab then editing
afterwards is the better approach.  Again, Audacity is quite good for
that task.

At some point later I would like to get a camera and start doing video
recording of the service and place of DVD.

I'd suggest getting a HDD+DVD recorder, record to hard drive, break the
recording into chapters after filming, then burn off a DVD.  It's then
an easy job to replicate that DVD, either burning off another copy from
the hard drive on the same unit, or copying the DVD on computer.

I've got a Sony RDR-HXD590 HDD+DVD recorder which makes that sort of
thing relatively painless.  We've used it for recording concerts, and
chaptering the different acts.  And it seems to be one of the few that
creates fairly error-free discs.  I don't just mean discs that play
well, I mean ones that aren't full of masses DVD technical errors that
make duplication, or even playing, discs difficult on other decks.

I find stand-alone recording equipment to be generally a lot less
annoying that computerised video equipment.  Professional video
production is my career, and this is the easiest way to go, for low/no
budget productions, in my experience.  If you go the whole hog, you can
easily spend hours and hours in post production, for no tangible
improvement for the type of job you outline.

In both cases the church is also talking about putting streaming audio
or streaming video on their web site.

Might be worth looking at some of the youtube tutorials.  The same
things will apply for preparing video for your own website as theirs.

Well I have used Audacity for 3-10 min recordings in the past but not for hour long recordings. I have never had a problem with my FC7 machine here at home. The FC10 machine that I threw together for this has the same MSI mother board that I have in my FC7 machine. We are only going to do audio at the moment and, I hope in the near future we will start doing some sort of video. I put this machine together and loaded FC10 Sat. and verified that sound worked, didn't have time to do much testing. Took the machine to the church this morning and did the recording. I was disappointed with the results this first week. There was a high pitched hiss throughout the recording. I don't know what to make of it yet. I am taking the sound directly from our 32 channel audio mixer. Not the right sound for a ground loop. We have about a 6 foot unbalanced cable that goes from the board then splits into the tape deck and the computer. Less than a foot from the split to each. The tape doesn't have it but it may not be able to reproduce it very well. Using the built in sound of the mother board.


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