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Re: Church sound

From: "Tim" <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au>
Sent: Sunday, 2009, March 15 12:02

On Sun, 2009-03-15 at 11:02 -0700, jdow wrote:

That's a good way to capture your edit source, too, if you record 420
or better. But that uses a lot of disk fast if you are trying to do HD.
Of course, HD is not "zero budget" so I presume you're using SD. For
NTSC that bogeys out to about 2.5 megabytes an hour for 422 video plus
some modest amount for the audio.

I think you mean gigabytes...  And truly high-def does that in minutes,

<sigh> Indeed I do. And at 4 megabytes per frame 1080i 30M 422 gets you
into gigabytes rather rapidly. It can even challenge the speed of your
disks. Some compression can make a whole lot of difference. {^_-}

not hours.  And therein lay another problem with using a computer:  Hard
drives fill up very rapidly with video data.  You want a whopping great
big one to accommodate recording *and* editing.  And even bigger if
you're likely to leave last weeks recording on file to be worked on next

That's what very large RAID arrays are for. (And there are people working
with quad HD now = 3840 wide 2016 high. That's a LOT of video! Motion
JPEG2 seems to be the preferred compression for theatrical use. For mere
broadcast at 1080i you have to get down to data rates not really
adequate for uncompressed SD. So you can guess what that does to the
video quality on scenes that move rapidly. {^_-})

Unless you have a need for HD, and a means a way to give your viewers HD
on a format that they can watch in HD (which precludes ordinary DVDs),
then there's little point to it.  Sure, if you have a special occasion
that you want to archive for posterity, do it.  But ordinarily, for
simple video production, keep everything in the same format (same
definition input, recording, any editing, and duplications).

Um, I have something that can capture digital video and audio quite
nicely in HD mpeg2 etc presuming they come at proper studio synchronized
rates. But I rather suspect it is outside the original poster's price
range. (It can also playback up to four streams while recording a fifth.
It can't quite manage 2x4, I suspect. I've never tried. It might. The
computer and special video card are both barn-burners. I'd only worry
seriously about bus bandwidth.)


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