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Re: MPEG-1 read support

Well, I don't know about wikipedia articles, some are good but others are not so good. Personally, I look on the Applications menu in Fedora, under Sound and Video on Fedora 10, for something that looks like a movie player. If it's not there, I take a look at the available packages in System->Administration->Add/Remove Software for various things. Interestingly, on my current setup a search for movie does not find "Movie player for GNOME", but a search for totem does, so try various searches. Having got a movie player installed, try it with the file you want to play and see what happens. In my case, using Totem, a popup informed me that support for mpeg-1 and mpeg-2 was required and asked if I wanted to search. I did, and two gstreamer related packages were found and installed. Package-kit found a number of other updates which I also installed, and I had to restart Totem before it recognised that the support was now installed, but I'm looking at my home movies from about 5 years back.
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Why doesn't Fedora have MPEG-1 support (playing)?

Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MPEG-1#Patents they say: "MPEG-1 video and Layer I/II audio may be able to be implemented without payment of license fees.". And it looks that there are various GPL programs/codecs ready.

So what's the problem?



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