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Re: xfce 4.6.0 for F9

Kevin Fenzi wrote:

On Mon, 02 Mar 2009 22:42:25 +0000
phil <happyharrysco1 yahoo co uk> wrote:

kevin is it major surgery to build xfce 4.6 in F10? as i've
literally >>>just finished downloading the full source tarball, (and the
graphical >>>installer in case i came up against to much problems lol)
and if it's >>>going to be a major hassle i'll just pass for now as my
aspire one is >>>running pretty sweet and i don't want to rock the boat,
also if your >>>going to build it for F10 i can wait for that ;)

F10 shouldn't be too bad.

I do have a local repo here, but I haven't updated it yet to the >4.6.0
final packages. Also, I haven't tried to rebuild all the plugins for F10.

I can update that and let you know where the repo is if you want to test them?


that would be great kevin, just let me know when your repo is ready
and >i'll get to testing them out :)


hi kevin, i don't mean to rush you but are you any nearer to having
these built for F10?


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