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Re: Suggestion - replace gdm with kdm as the default

On Sun, 15 Mar 2009 15:07:44 -0700, Mike Cloaked wrote:

> Beartooth Sciurivore wrote:
>> 	OK, I'll try -- and if I can handle it, anyone can. Where is that
>> default, and how do I change it??
> I am not where in Fedora the login manager is set to the default so that
> an install gives kdm - but if you want to switch from gdm after the
> install, and use it then you can create a file /etc/sysconfig/desktop
> and put into it lines like the following:
> The latter sets kdm to be the login manager.  If you restart X then
> first time you try to login you need to select which desktop session
> type you want - and then it becomes your default on that machine.

	Sorry -- you're about 101.5 yards over my head. I wasn't even 
thinking about installs nor spins. Maybe that means I shouldn't be trying 

	/etc/sysconfig does not presently contain any file nor folder 
called desktop. If I create a file, with just those two lines, and call 
it that, will something read it and comply?? Or is */sysconfig/desktop 
some generic standard that I ought to know about to be doing this?
> You can edit the config files ( in /etc/kde/kdm ) yourself but it is
> easier to login to kde and then use the graphical settings system to
> change things.

	Hmmm ... I was hoping to be able to change just that one thing, 
and not have to use KDE otherwise at all. (I run Konqueror, mainly for 
man pages, and K3B -- and as little else from KDE as I can; but I concur 
in not liking the present gnome login.)
> I guess that if you are spinning an iso and wanted kdm to be the default
> then you would have to alter a source file somewhere but I have not
> delved into that.
Beartooth Staffwright, PhD, Neo-Redneck Linux Convert
Remember I know precious little of what I am talking about.

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