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Re: Suggestion - replace gdm with kdm as the default

On Sun, Mar 15, 2009 at 1:35 PM, Mail Lists wrote:
>  gdm has become, frankly, really awful.
>  Can we just make kdm the default - it is so much simpler to configure
> and it behaves the way any rational administrator expects.
>  kdm is part of Fedora anyway ... leave gnome as the default desktop,
> just replace the login manager part with something that behaves better.
>  Bonus, it even looks nicer!!
>  Is there any reason not to do this ?

Besides that looking nicer is simply a matter of opinion? (Anything
that looks "out of place" on my machine is considered to not look
nice, regardless of how aesthetically pleasing it might be in it's own

How about the fact that kdm pulls in essentially all of kde along with
it? Ok, maybe not *all* of kde, but those with purely gnome-based
installs might want to take into consideration the 100+MB install just
to get a new display manager. That's probably not a big deal on my
quad-core development machine at work with a T1 pipe to the internet,
but that's a *huge* deal on my (no-harddrive) netbook which gets
updated through my slow DSL at home.

Add to that the ongoing updates for all those new packages that are
only there to "support" the display manager...

I'd rather see gdm fixed someday.

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