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Re: Suggestion - replace gdm with kdm as the default

Beartooth Sciurivore wrote:
>> install, and use it then you can create a file /etc/sysconfig/desktop
>> and put into it lines like the following:
>> The latter sets kdm to be the login manager.  If you restart X then
>> first time you try to login you need to select which desktop session
>> type you want - and then it becomes your default on that machine.
> 	Sorry -- you're about 101.5 yards over my head. I wasn't even 
> thinking about installs nor spins. Maybe that means I shouldn't be trying 
> this.
> 	/etc/sysconfig does not presently contain any file nor folder 
> called desktop. If I create a file, with just those two lines, and call 

Yes you will find that there is currently no file with this name.
You need to become root, then
cd /etc/sysconfig
then use any text editor to create a file, which MUST be called desktop,
containing the two lines I quoted above. The first line will give a gnome
desktop by default if GNOME is between the quotes, and if you use KDE then
the default desktop is KDE4. In the second line KDE (note it is not KDM in
that file!) will select KDM as the login manager.

If you either restart X or reboot the machine then when X starts KDM will be
the login manager and will remain so unless you change the desktop file you

You will then have the KDM greeter but when you login you will get the gnome
desktop by default.  When the greeter opens you can use the pull down menu
below the list of usernames to select a KDE login instead if you wish. First
time you use it you will be required to select gnome or kde otherwise it
won't log you in.

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