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Audacity, F9, and sound systems

I want to start ripping my LP's, so I installed audacity on my Fedora 9 box that I already use for MythTV. When I fire up audacity, it offers a number of choices for the input sound and playback sound. Most of those choices seem to revolve around ALSA. The only ones that seem to work are OSS. OK, I'll use what works. However, once I have run audacity once and exited, the next time I get into it, there are only ALSA choices available for playback. OSS is no longer available in the drop down and none of the ALSA choices give me sound. Anyone have any idea of what is going on here?

From what I have read, I thought OSS was being deprecated in favour of ALSA. And then I thought the new pulse audio system in F9 and F10 was supposed to supplant ALSA. I am guessing I lack a basic understanding of how the audio systems work on Fedora 9 and how to configure and control them. Can someone explain this, or even better, point to a document that does.


Andrew Robinson

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