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Re: OT: High pitch buzz when recording

Andrew Robinson wrote:
> I am trying to record on my Fedora 9 box with audacity. When I do, the
> recording includes a high pitched buzz on the right track. I have
> unplugged everything from the sound ports, and still get the buzz. I
> can  see the right channel has a higher level on the input meter when
> recording. This is an six channel on-board nVidia audio on an ASUS
> motherboard. Anyone have any idea what causes it? Am I likely to be
> able to fix it?
> Thanks!
> Andrew Robinson

There are way too many causes. The easiest way to work around the
problem is to use digital inputs/outputs.

Some possible causes:
* feedback loop between microphone/speakers (probably not, since it's
too obvious)
* ground loop (probably not, since it results in ~50-60Hz noise, not a
high pitched one)
* interference from videocard/other component in the computer
* bad PSU (noise in power line)

I'm sure others will add more

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