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Re: Running GUI package manager over a vnc connection on Fedora 10.

Leland C. Scott wrote:
I setup a PC to use remotely when I'm out of town using VNC over a ssh connection. The problems trying to edit files requiring root access, and no GUI, is one thing I can deal with. The application package manager GUI telling me it won't run because I'm on a remote console is just plain stupid. This is something I'm is likely to do be doing frequency. Yeah maybe a CL workaround exists but I like the convenience of the GUI. At least on the older box I have setup, Fedora 8, all it asked me for was the root password then did its thing.

Is there anyway to get this to work in the above type setup on Fedora 10 with the Gnome desktop? The VNC part works just fine.

Have you installed yumex? I run it all the time over VNC. It does require the root password, or you can sudo it.

Leland C. Scott

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