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Re: Audacity, F9, and sound systems

Michael Schwendt wrote:
...  Here's a Test Update for F9 waiting to be pushed into the
updates-testing repository: ...


I can't test inputs ATM, but playback works perfectly on F9, with either the "ALSA: default" or "ALSA: pulse" settings.

The three other available settings
  ALSA: HDA NVidia: ALC861 Digital (hw:0,1)
  ALSA: iec958
  ALSA: spdif
don't give any audio output.

The last one, I understand. The other two are mysterious.

I've had problems fairly consistently with previous versions (from the F9 repos) not finding a suitable output device. It seemed to be some conflict with media players in the browser (Flash player maybe?): if I shut down the browser and restarted audacity, it would show a different set of output devices and I could usually find one that worked.

Can anyone point to a good overview of how the various pieces of Fedora's current audio support fit together? Especially pulseaudio and gstreamer, and how to configure/control them.

I can't even guess how to use the various mixers and audio settings, because I don't have a clear idea what does what. I realize things are still evolving--maybe it's clearer in F10.


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