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Re: Help

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 05:51:25PM -0300, James Perry wrote:
> hi i've just installed fedora 10 on my computer and every time i boot my
> computer up it ask localhost login, and then password, i do not rember putting
> anything in for those fields does any one know why this is happening?

That sounds to me like, for some reason, your graphical user interface
(GUI, also called "X") is not working.  So the system couldn't start
the special "firstboot" service that lets you set up your
first/primary user.

You should be able to login as "root," with the password you set in
the installation process.  Then you *could* do the following:

useradd <name>     # This command sets up a new normal user
passwd <name>      # Use the user name; lets you set a password for him

That gets you a primary user account for now.  But optimally, what you
really want is for that GUI to work.  Did the installer work in its
usual point-and-click, GUI form?

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