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Re: Perl/Tk fedora 10

Thank for the suggestion,
In fact their is a bug report:  489228

2009/3/17 Patrick Dupre <pd520 york ac uk>:

I am experiencing problem with the following code: I cannot edit the
Widget. It was working fine in fc 7.
It does seem to be link to nothing to the graphics card or with.
(I changed the graphics card). However, it work on another fc10 machine.
This one has an Intel DQ965GF Mother board.

[  snip ]


I think I've seen a few mails from you on this subject over the last
few days and you don't seem to be getting much of a response. I think
that's because Perl/Tk is a relatively minority interest and people on
this general list can't offer any help.

Can I suggest that you try asking your questions on a couple of more
focussed mailing lists. There's the Perl/Tk mailing list at
https://mailman.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo/ptk. And if you suspect
that it's a packaging error in the perl-Tk package, then you might try
the the Fedora Perl devel mailing list at

Hope this helps,


 Patrick DUPRÉ                      |   |
 Department of Chemistry            |   |    Phone: (44)-(0)-1904-434384
 The University of York             |   |    Fax:   (44)-(0)-1904-432516
 Heslington                         |   |
 York YO10 5DD  United Kingdom      |   |    email: pd520 york ac uk

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