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On Wed, 2009-03-18 at 10:56 -0400, John Aldrich wrote:
> Guys, I've discovered that, for some strange reason, you *must* have 
> elevated privileges to run / configure BOINC when it's installed via the F10 
> repositories.

I'm running boinc on an unprivileged user.

> I've been trying to get BOINC configured to connect to my accounts ever 
> since I installed the X86_64 version of Fedora 10 several months ago. Today 
> I got a crazy idea and tried running the boincmgr binary as a superuser and 
> to my surprise I was able to connect to the client and configure it, 
> something that I have been trying off and on for the past several months to 
> do without success.

Did you configure the boinc password? Network access?

In general you need to add --redirectio --allow_remote_gui_rpc
to /etc/syscnofig/boinc-client (latest version only!), and save your
clear-text password in $BOINC_HOME/gui_rpc_auth.cfg.

> Since I never had to run it as a superuser when I installed from the 
> tarball off the Boinc.berkeley.edu server, I suspect this is a RedHat/Fedora 
> issue. Can someone explain the rationale behind requiring admin privileges 
> to configure BOINC?

Default -Fedora- configuration doesn't accept network connection.
The default upstream version does.

> I managed to work around it by "chmod +s" all the Boinc binaries, but I 
> shouldn't have to do that!


- Gilboa

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