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Re: User allowed commands -

Sharpe, Sam J wrote:
Bob Goodwin wrote:

Can someone tell me how I can arrange to be able to run
system-control-network as user bobg.  It looks like I  should
be able to accomplish this via visudo but that is overwhelmingly complex.

My objective is to be able to close or open my eth0 internet connection
jumping though hoops. As it stands I have to use system-config-network,
enter password, and when the GUI comes up I can then click on
Two ways to not quite accomplish accomplish roughly what you want:

1) Allow the user to control the network device - add "USERCTL=yes" in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 as documented here: http://www.centos.org/docs/4/html/rhel-rg-en-4/s1-networkscripts-interfaces.html

- but I don't think that will allow you to launch s-c-network as a non-root user - i think you'd still have to run "ifup eth0" and "ifdown eth0"

2) add the following to /etc/security/console.apps/system-config-network
UGROUPS=users (assuming bobg is in the users group)

That will then prompt for bobg's password rather than root - but as you object to typing in a password I'm not sure it's great for you.


None of the above afford me any advantage, all ask me to enter a password again before permitting me to disconnect which seems like a negative security feature! It ought to be simpler ...

ifup/down-eth0 are not valid commands. ifdown-eth is but does not work. "basename: missing operand" whatever that means?

The command I would really like to be able to use is "system-control-network+" which offers two buttons, Activate and Deactivate plus a Configure button. I haven't been able to find the file that produces that GUI.

Thank you for the suggestions.


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