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Re: NM fails to connect when booting ?? -[SOLVED]

On 03/18/2009 08:46:45 AM, William Case wrote:

>      1. A button that allows you to disconnect (turn it off)
> temporarily
>         -- say to the next boot.
>      2. An "Edit Connections" that actually allows you to edit
>         connections. 
>      3. Tie editing to root, if necessary, with the usual sudo or su 
> -
>         popup.
>      4. Clearly show in the gui how to turn ONBOOT to yes or no.
>      5. A Default button that returns any adjustments to the default
>         settings.
>      6. A manual that is useful.
> And, by the way, what does the "never" that is placed at the end
> "System
> eth0" line mean?

It just happens that I discovered at least on use for the "never" -- I 
noticed it the other day, and then noticed that my sat modem was 
powered off, so there was no network available.

As to the button mentioned in #1 above, granted that's a good idea, but 
in the meanwhile, what's wrong with:
	sudo /etc/init.d/NetworkManager stop

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