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Re: copying lvm with the same name

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 11:26 AM, Frank Cox <theatre sasktel net> wrote:
> At this point, since the second hard drive seems to be in good condition, I
> think I would like to re-format it and either add it to the existing volume on
> sda2 to make one big logical drive, or just reformat it and make a second lvm
> on it again and add it my directory tree.  Which approach would be better?  And
> how do I extend a lvm to cover both drives if that's what I end up doing?

How to use the disk is a matter of personal choice.
Using the second drive separately is simpler. You could create a
Volume Group (VG)
using up the entire drive and create one or more Logical Volumes (LV) in it.
If you want to add disk space to the first drive, then make the entire
second drive a
Physical Volume (PV) and add it to the VG in the first drive. Adding a
second drive
to a an existing VG it's OK, but if the hard drive fail it can get
complicated, make sure
to have a backup of /etc/lvm.

general to use that second drive would be:
(a) use pvcreate to mark a disk or partition of disk as PV,  use pvs
to display results.
(b) use vgcreate to create a VG, use vgs to display results
(c) use lvcreate to create LVs in the VG, use lvs to display results
(d) create a filesystem in the LV.
(e) mount the LV.

To add a partition (PV) to an existing volume
use "vgextend myVG /dev/sda10" to add /dev/sda10 to myVG.


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