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Re: NM fails to connect when booting ?? -[SOLVED]

Mark Haney wrote:
Timothy Murphy wrote:

I wish some guru who understands NM would bring out a variant
that just connects on bootup.
I'm pretty sure the standard version would rapidly fall into disuse.

But, they have that feature already. It's the way network interfaces
have started for a decade.  Why bother with NM at all when starting the
interface on boot is what 99% of people need anyway?

As for the arguments about wireless connectivity, how many people
actually move between wireless connections?  If you do it might be only
between 2, home and work.

NM sucks, everyone knows it, so let's can it and move to something that

NM works fine for me on my laptop and I regularly move between 4 different wireless connections.

It may suck for you but it works great for me. "...so let's can [this thread] and move to something [else more productive]", eh?


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