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Re: fedora LTS , why not?

> My idea is to build a distribution that is based on Fedora at 100% with
> 1. LTS
> 2. with a very reduce number of packages
Sounds good.

> 3. with proprietary codecs and essentiel software (mp3, flash ) included in.

Please be careful with the codecs and proprietary licenses involved in
it. Rest all is very good. But the thing is that we already have
custom spins like Fedora-KDE and others. I don't really understand the
need for this. You can do it for your own purpose and maintain a small
offline repo if you like but if you have access to high speed
internet, why bother making a small repo anyways. Believe me, I have
already done a small barebone repo distributable on cds and only comes
to limited help during installation on some computer which does not
have access to internet. Otherwise its of little use.

Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury
Fedora Ambassador
sherry151 gmail com

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