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Re: fedora LTS , why not?

2009/3/19, Rangeen Basu <sherry151 gmail com>:
>> My idea is to build a distribution that is based on Fedora at 100% with
>> 1. LTS
>> 2. with a very reduce number of packages
> Sounds good.
>> 3. with proprietary codecs and essentiel software (mp3, flash ) included
>> in.
> Please be careful with the codecs and proprietary licenses involved in
> it. Rest all is very good. But the thing is that we already have
> custom spins like Fedora-KDE and others. I don't really understand the
> need for this.

Well, In fact I am assistant teacher in a high school and I have been
in contact with a variety of people with different level. All of them
find some problems with the variety existing in linux (many desktops,
many software with unsuel names xmms for example) . I aim to make
something  that is really simple and that make the migration to fedora
easier than ever.

I don't know how hard is this task but I will try to make it hoping
that it will find some success


You can do it for your own purpose and maintain a small
> offline repo if you like but if you have access to high speed
> internet, why bother making a small repo anyways. Believe me, I have
> already done a small barebone repo distributable on cds and only comes
> to limited help during installation on some computer which does not
> have access to internet. Otherwise its of little use.
> Regards
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> Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury
> Fedora Ambassador
> sherry151 gmail com
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