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Fedora 8 system won't upgrade to Fedora 10

I have a Fedora 8 server that I want to upgrade to Fedora 10. I recently did this same task with a workstation and had no problem upgrading from 8 to 10 using a DVD. Just ran the installer, it detected the F8 install (on logical volumes over RAID 5) and did the upgrade.

The server is an old machine, so doesn't have a DVD drive. Therefore I am trying to do an upgrade from a DVD ISO image of F10 mounted on another server on the network.

I boot the server with an F10 boot disk, choose Install or Upgrade, then the installer goes to work, downloads stage 2 from the network. The six disks in the server all run for a while, then the installer tries to do a clean install. It does not present the option to upgrade.

I am assuming that the installer can't detect the existing installation/partitions (boot and swap are RAID 1, root is a logical volume on RAID 5).

Can anyone suggest how to troubleshoot this issue?


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