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Re: fedora LTS , why not?

2009/3/19 Adel ESSAFI <adelessafi gmail com>:
> My idea is to build a distribution that is based on Fedora at 100% with
> 1. LTS
> 2. with a very reduce number of packages
> 3. with proprietary codecs and essentiel software (mp3, flash ) included in.

First let me point out that such an effort would not be able to use
the primary Fedora trademarks, but it would have access to the
secondary Fedora Remix trademarks. Please keep that in mind.

If you are serious about spending time on this, you should probably
think a little bit about what sort of hosting and build infrastructure
you are going to have to put together to make sure you can keep
building security and bugfix updates over an LTS timescale.


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